DU Recorder – a reliable application for recording video from the smartphone screen

Sometimes you need to record video from the screen, and standard tools do not allow this. There is an solution! DU Recorder stably and quickly records the contents of the screen. In addition to simple recording and editing video in the application, there are many more advanced features. With its help you can create video letsplays… [читать дальше]

My Talking Angela – a perfect game for your kid.

A lot of people know about this game, like my talking Tom. In order to some extent to diversify the game, and add some delicacy to it, the developers released almost the same game with the cat-girl  – My Talking Angela. It is understandable that instead of all the usual Tom, his role will be performed… [читать дальше]

Time to drink water

Time to drink water – an app for your wellness

Health is the most important thing in the life of every person, so people try to take care of it as best as possible and make every possible effort to do it. A significant role in this is played by water, because the human body more than half consists precisely of water. The average daily water… [читать дальше]

Clash Royale

Clash Royale – real-time strategy

Today, there are a huge number of different strategies, but all of them are not so thought to the end, and have a some shortcomings. if you don’t want to waste your time on such games, you should install the game Clash Royale. Most immediately understand what is at stake, because this is another version of the… [читать дальше]

Clean Master – antivirus #1 for your smartphone

Every day we install a large number of different applications, games, and various information on the phone. But over time, all this becomes us unnecessary, and the phone “clogs up”.  Clean Master – the app designed to solve this problem in a simple and effective way, and also very fast. It will help to clean your… [читать дальше]


Gardenscapes – a puzzle for the whole family

Gardening is known to be quite an interesting and useful activity from which one can only receive positive impressions. But not always weather conditions allow you to have fun in your beloved garden. To make weather does not prevent your hobby, you need to install the application Gardenscapes. What is the purpose of this game,… [читать дальше]

Street racing 3D

Street racing 3D – on your phone right now!

Do you like speedy driving, but as a rule it is quite dangerous for life? To combine business with pleasure, you need to install the game Street Racing 3D. With this crazy game you can save yourself from trouble on the road, and receive a lot of positive emotions. It includes everything you need to feel… [читать дальше]


Vivino – a wine scanner for true connoisseurs and also for beginners in this thing

In the world quite a large number of different drinks, but as a rule the most sophisticated and tastier is must be wine. Сhoosing a wine, there are many questions, but inexperienced people can not choose exactly the wine that they will like. You can solve this problem with a special application, namely Vivino – a wine… [читать дальше]

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8: Take off – for speed lovers

Apparently there is no one who does not want to drive quickly and dexterously. For everyone who want to check their skills, they have to download Asphalt 8: Take off. Why you must choose this particular game? First of all, it should be said about its popularity, and the ease that everyone feels during the game. The game… [читать дальше]

Roll the Ball: slide puzzle – for fans to improve their thinking

For those who like all sorts of puzzles, you should pay attention to the Roll the Ball: slide puzzle. With its help you can significantly improve your thinking, and at the same time have fun. This application has several advantages at once, which make it so popular and successful. The first thing to say about,… [читать дальше]