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'Paint By Number' or paint me if you can

‘Paint By Number’ is a very amusing game. The goal of the game is to paint modern pop art paintings by a number. You need to link color with a number, this how the game starts. While playing, you will understand how amusing and interesting this game is. You can waste a great amount of time playing ‘Paint By Number’.

3N: New categories, New pictures, and New colors

While playing ‘Paint By Number’, every day you can find an updated palette of pictures. Moreover, there is a new variety of categories including people, flowers, love, animals, etc. You will like to see a new color palette. Furthermore, here you can find both one-colored pencils and gradient color pencils. A bright and colorful palette will help you in making the right choice.

paint by number

The mechanism of ‘Paint By Number’

The mechanism of ‘Paint By Number’ is quite simple. You need to choose a picture from a variety of categories. All the pictures are marked by numbers. That is why sometimes it can be difficult to win. Users will need to link colored spots with palette numbers. Thus, as soon as you link everything correctly, you will have a perfectly finished piece of art.

Paint me if you can

I had already the chance to try this app and understand how time-consuming it is. Nevertheless, I found it very amusing. There are key points I would like to share with you:

  • Convenience. Wherever you are at the moment, you need neither pencil nor paper to paint. You will need just your phone (of course with full battery). Every second painting by number is getting simple.
  • An easy painting. You can enjoy the process of painting by number and also you can use hints. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to find small spots.
  • A wide choice of categories. Tastes differ. Therefore, you can find categories according to your taste preferences (from cute animals to fascinating landscapes).
  • A constant update of pictures. Get yourself involved in the painting by numbers with different pictures every day.
  • Paintings exchange. Users have the opportunity to share paintings with their friends on social media.

If you are interested in quests and you are good at painting (or would like to try), then you need to play ‘Paint By Number’.

Download the app here.

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