1Password is a reliable password manager

Trying to enter the app and it seems that the password and login are correct, but for some reason it does not work. Sound familiar? Enough tolerating this! 1Password is an app that helps you get rid of persistent password problems, its remembering and storing. This is not your problem anymore. The application is simple, reliable and with a very pleasant and convenient interface. All you need is to enter passwords from your other applications into it and 1Password will save them under one single password that only you will know.

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All entered information is reliably stored and distributed into categories that include logins, bank cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driving licenses, passports and much more. You can also create multiple safes to store different data categories separately, use tags to organize data, add to favorites, and use search with filters.

And now about safety. All that you store in 1Password, is protected by a master password, known only to you. 1Password uses continuous encryption, so your data is decrypted only offline. Encryption keys always remain only on your device, and you are the only one who can see your passwords. At the same time, you can share your accounts or passwords with friends, family, colleagues.

The application is paid, but its money definitely costs, besides the first month you can use the trial version for free to decide whether it is convenient for you.

Download the application on Google Play and iTunes

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