7Days – make the right choice and change your fate

7Days is an exciting text quiz in an adventure genre. The game features interesting illustrations and dialogs that will lure you into the unique story. You have only 7 days to make the right choice. Dead souls don’t sleep.

7Days – gameplay and other exclusive aspects

In 7Days you can understand the atmosphere of the afterworld. Every choice you make means a different game ending. The plot of the game is fascinating. You are Kirell, who will either become a reliable friend to other souls or an enemy for the remaining 7 days.

The game contains interesting graphics and amazing illustrations. If you complete your mission, then the rest of the dead souls must die. It’s up to you what choice to make. I like in the game the feeling close to real-life experience, as your choice determines your end. Twists of fate change their direction.

Besides, an incredible plot and fantastic musical background create an exciting atmosphere of the game. 7Days is addictive enough that opens up new storylines. The authentic graphic design creates an unrivaled harmony among well-designed gameplay. The quest is worth your money and time. Here you can notice the various semantic load. Impressive characters and a bright design create a full-fledged image. There are four original kinds of endings. The game’s scope has a great impact on gamers. Also, there are a few touching moments that complete the general feeling.

7Days: game’s drawbacks

There are some essential drawbacks in 7Days. First, sometimes the gameplay jumps from one plotline to another. Second, there is not much variety in choice and endings. Players would like to see more storylines and unexpected interpretations. There is also a slight flaw in dialogs, where you can find a few word mistakes. Also, all players are waiting for the continuation of 7Days. We hope that the developers will consider these disadvantages in the next game version.

If you’re a fan of anime, Japanese culture, amazing graphics, and an uneven plot, then you should try 7Days. Although you have to pay for the game, it’s worth it.

Download the game here.

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