Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter: kill monsters and accomplish the mission

Alien Shooter is a legendary game in the action style released in 2003 by Sigma Team with the ongoing updates. Are you ready to fight with monsters and make the world a better place to live? If yes, then get started!

Alien Shooter: gameplay

Let’s look at the gameplay of Alien Shooter which is quite simple. All you need to do is to kill monsters standing behind your success. You are a paratrooper who must accomplish various missions. Players will need to find explosives, various objects of mining, electricity, and so on. You have an arsenal of weapons, including a rocket launcher, laser guns, armor, a flashlight, a first aid kit, etc. All these objects you need to use to destroy monsters.

There are two modes in the game. The first one is a campaign where players need to pass the game’s levels, and the second mode is survival, where players must defeat monsters. In the first mode, you will see a menu where you can choose your equipment. The gameplay is entertaining with a plentiful mess and bloodshed.

Alien Shooter – bugs and other drawbacks

Over the past few years, Alien Shooter’s developers have been releasing new versions of updates. In 2020, developers released a new version with fixed game details. For example, developers added support for arm64 and other improvements. However, there are also some bugs, including large bands on wide formats, inconvenient controls, and a few missions.

A famous phrase of A.P. Chekhov “Brevity is the sister of talent” doesn’t work in the gaming industry. Players can pass all the game’s levels in a short time. Moreover, since you need to pay for the game, players would like to accomplish more missions. Inconvenient controls also make gameplay difficult to enjoy. Developers can improve the game with the help of support on widescreen devices because many players use these devices. We hope that developers will be able to fix these small bugs in the next version.

If you’re ready to defeat monsters, then here is a link.

P.S. developers introduced a significant discount system for this game, thus welcome to the world of bloody hell:)

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