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There are a huge number of applications for drawing on the smartphone. Not all of them are comfortable, some are poorly functional, one artist may not be able to do something that is perfect for others. Today we will talk about Autodesk SketchBook. Recently, the application can be used absolutely free. Versions for the tablet has a slightly different interface – on the screen of the tablet displays a panel of frequently used brushes and the layers panel. All the same is in the version for the smartphone, only hidden in a menu.

Autodesk SketchBook

Work with the application begins with the registration (or login to your account, if you used Autodesk SketchBook previously on another device). This is necessary because an unregistered user will not be able to save his work. You can login or create an account at any time while working with the application. When creating a new sketch, you need to select its size from the suggested ones or set a custom one. Then you can begin to embody your fantasies on the screen. To do this, Autodesk SketchBook has a huge number of different brushes, a convenient choice of colors and pre-made palettes. The brushes paints on the canvas not only the color, but also the texture and effects rendered by these brushes. So for example a brushstroke of acrylic brush becomes less intense as lengthening. Some brushes can even mix or shade paints.

Autodesk SketchBook Autodesk SketchBook Autodesk SketchBook

You can insert pictures from the gallery and create more complex artworks or draw by reference. For greater convenience and accuracy, as in similar applications it is worth using a stylus and tablet. But even with a finger on the smartphone, the patient craftsmen can create masterpieces and others can just have fun or create quick sketches. The application good even if drawing is not your passion, at least there is a desire to try all the brushes. Application users occasionally reports about bugs and crashes, but developers respond to their complaints and actively support Autodesk SketchBook regularly releasing updates.

You can download this app in Google Play and iTunes

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