Bad North Jotunn Edition

Bad North Jotunn Edition: how to protect from Vikings

Bad North Jotunn Edition is a well-known strategy game from the Swedish developer Raw Fury. Released in 2018, it immediately became popular. Are you ready to protect civilians from Vikings attacking the island? Are you ready to take your father’s reigns and make a correct strategic decision? If yes, then let’s start.

Bad North Jotunn Edition – gameplay

The crucial goal of Bad North Jotunn is to choose the right tactics and strategy for defending against Viking attacks. Crowds of Vikings attack you every minute. The island’s inhabitants are in danger. One mistake and civilians will become prisoners. Players need to control the general battle’s direction and build a certain strategy. The soldiers are trying to fulfill your orders. You need to properly deploy troops and transfer them not to lose people. Players need to correctly repel the Viking attack and control the evacuation of troops. It’s essential not to lose the army commander. If players lose all of the soldiers, the game will be automatically over.

Bad North Jotunn Edition – other aspects and bugs in the game

In Bad North Jotunn Edition, developers embedded amazing graphics. A perfectly styled island creates an unbelievable atmosphere of a true battle. You need to plan your strategy based on the variety of the island’s details. Don’t forget about its incredible relief. The game’s visual design is fascinating. Musical background is a crucial part of the game’s atmosphere. A dynamic game with incredible visual effects immerses you in the world of a real battle with the Vikings.

Besides, developers built through simple control allowing players to enjoy the game. The graphic design is minimalistic, which makes it very exciting. But players would like to see the variability of new classes, skills, and modes. The game lacks interesting storylines and features. We hope that developers will consider these aspects and correct them.
If you’re a fan of strategy with an amazing design, then you should try playing it.
P.S. you need to pay for the game, but it’s worth it.

Download the game here.

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