Beholder – let’s check what spy you are

Beholder is an amusing game where players need to spy for their neighbors. Let’s check what kind of spy you are in the game – the one who obeys the government orders or the one who can help other people? If you’re ready to make critical decisions that have outcomes, then welcome on board!

Beholder: gameplay or ‘storyline as in Orwell’

Beholder has an amazing variety of interesting features and storylines. The game has an element of an antiutopian future. You need to make twofold decisions influencing the lives of many people. Can you spy for your neighbor and tell the government that he can break the law? Players can sabotage neighbors to save their children. In this kind of environment, everyone spies for everyone. Severe laws help to control the totalitarian country. Players need to remember that every decision has its consequences. It means that this game doesn’t have a particular ending; it has plenty of unpredictable endings. There are several alternatives to end the game. This feature makes the game even more unique to play in an adventurous genre. As we can see, the storyline is incredible, and an adventurous style creates a perfect game’s atmosphere.

Beholder has an authentic gaming atmosphere. You’re deepening into the world of an antiutopian future. Moral choice puzzles you, making the game more intense. Also, in the game, every character has a unique history of past, present, and future. You can find amazing graphics here and wonderful sound background. All these elements comprise the foundation that impresses gamers with its diversity.

Beholder – pretty relevant nowadays

The game isn’t only interesting, it’s relevant nowadays in the material world. When you have a particular choice, you need to bear particular consequences. Players don’t know what exactly made them fail in the game. You can play many times, and every time you will still find something new to observe. A new interpretation of an old classic idea sometimes can be inspiring.

Beholder is a game that can’t make you bored. It has everything to be on the top list including sound background, graphics, and gameplay. But the most essential is the game’s sense.

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Download the game here.

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