Best Friends

Best Friends – how to win a slug and solve a puzzle

Best Friends is a puzzle game designed by Seriously in 2014. This is an exciting game where the main task is to defeat the slugs and solve funny puzzles. You’ll need to collect a team of insects that will help to win slugs.

Best Friends: a skillful combination of puzzle and role-playing game

In my opinion, Best Friends is an amazing combination of a role-playing game and a fun puzzle. There you’ll find many puzzles to solve. However, you’ll notice elements of a role-playing game as well. Players need to collect a chain of blocks to strike at the slugs. Thus, the more blocks you collect, the more damage you inflict on the slugs. Different insects can strike different blows. In total, the game features several characters including leaf, strawberry, flower, mushroom, and a drop. Each of them has a goal in a particular way to destroy slugs.

According to all the points mentioned above, I can say that Best Friends has incredible gameplay. It is amusing and fascinating, but it has a lot of bugs after the update. Moreover, before the game was free of charge, but now it requires a lot of donations with a bunch of ads. We hope that developers will fix bugs and improve the game’s quality.

Best Friends: the difficulty of passing the levels

During the game process, players cannot find time to relax, and even on the contrary – they will need to concentrate their strength to pass a certain level. This means that now it requires a lot of time and energy to pass a level and solve a puzzle.

Furthermore, I’d like to underline that the game’s graphic is fantastic. It is colorful and bright with an updated design. Players enjoy a funny and witty style of the game with a unique musical background.

Besides, Best Friends was nominated for the Shorty Industry Award in the category “Best Social Media Games Promotion Campaign.”

To sum up, if you like to solve puzzles and play role-playing games, then you should try Best Friends too.

Download the game here.

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