Bouncing Buddies – Cute Animals and Platform Jumps

Cute animals and creatures have often contributed to the success of many mobile games. It is difficult to resist the fluffy smiling figures with big eyes. The developers of Bouncing Buddies knew this very well. We will need to guide the animals in the form of balls, which, steadily bouncing off the platforms, will have to reach the finish line without falling into the abyss.

All the fun is based on the simple mechanics of jumping through subsequent platforms that lead us to the finish line. The pet automatically moves forward, and the player must skillfully slide his finger across the screen so that he falls into the desired frame. If we skip the platform, the creature will fall into the abyss, and we must start the game from the very beginning. It is also worth noting that the following boards, available in certain scenarios, offer a different arrangement of the fields through which we will jump. There is no uniformity.

Bouncing Buddies

We collect virtual coins when jumping over platforms. They will allow you to buy more landscapes on the board. Among them you can find, among other things: a forest canyon, a medieval castle, the wild west, America of the 1920s, an ice country or a jungle. Each of the worlds is not only a diverse design of scenery, but also music dedicated to the rhythm, which we will jump over the platforms.

The friendly teddy bear we control at the beginning of the game is obviously not the only animal created by JaffaJam. We all know that in this type of name, the ability to collect various creatures is very popular. The coins that we collect during the game can be exchanged for new pets. Among them will be pandas, penguins, polar bears and wolves. It is worth noting that, having decided to watch promotional films, we will be able to buy creatures at much more favorable prices.

There is no shortage of advertising at Bouncing Buddies, but in most cases we decide whether we want to watch them to take advantage of certain bonuses. I recommend the name to all those who are looking for a random skill game with which you can take a break at any time to return to the game in a few hours.

The name is available free of charge on both Google Play and the App Store.

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