Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal – how to build bridges

Bridge Constructor Portal is a splendid game in the puzzle and simulator genre. ClockStone and Headup Games released the game. It was effective cooperation of two computer studios resulted in the release of a popular game.

Bridge Constructor Portal: the portal universe

The Bridge Constructor Portal has its universe – portals laboratory. Players must construct bridges and then check their quality. Cars are moving through these portals. To pass the level, players need to solve puzzles and avoid danger including rays, machine guns, and other mechanisms. All these elements are a part of well-developed gameplay.

It is worth mentioning that the game involves two modes: construction and test. In construction mode, players construct bridges, and in test mode, players test their bridges for quality. Besides, in construction mode, you see how much money you spent on a specific construction. In test mode, you notice whether your design can survive in the life-time regime and whether it can accept the laws of physics. If you build an insane construction with a poor structure, it will fall apart. However, developers considered this detail. You can easily switch from one mode to another to fix your mistakes and place portals wherever you want.

Bridge Constructor Portal: design features

Bridge Constructor Portal awesomely combines two distinct games with completely different genres. Developers took a set of details into account and offered a particular aspect. A famous actress Ellen McLain voiced artificial intelligence GLaDOS. It expresses a certain authentic charm in the game.

The developers considered all the parts of graphic design and sharp humor. They created every slight detail. There is also a place for creativity and fun in the game. In previous versions, logic in solving puzzles is on the stack. At the same time, in Bridge Constructor Portal the major focus was on creativity.

In 2018, the Bridge Constructor Portal was nominated for the title of the best puzzle according to the Webby Awards.

If you are a fan of the original gameplay and extraordinary puzzles symbiosis, then you’re welcome to download the game.

Download here.

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