Canyon Splash – make water get to your destination!

Do you remember where my water is? The hit from Disney Mobile for many years has been very popular among smartphone users. Of course, the game has many followers. Splash Canyons is the name that immediately connected us with this production. In the case of the question “Where is my water”? We dug holes in the sand to create tunnels through which water will flow. Splash of Canyons works a little differently. Here we must skillfully cut the dam and make the liquid get to the appointed place. If you liked the adventures of a swimming crocodile – here you will also find something for yourself.

The creators of the game really took privacy policy matters to heart. Three different screens greet us in a game where we consent to the processing of data. Everything is described in English, and we can choose what information we would like to provide. Of course, the data is used to optimize advertising, so no matter what we agree with, the banners that flash at the bottom of the screen, in any case, will not miss us.

Splash Canyons

When the formalities are over, it’s time to learn about the mechanics of the game. The first level, on which the auxiliary arrows are located, is enough to understand what Splash Canyons is. On each board we see a cross section of the canyon, which is divided into several labyrinths. Somewhere below there is always a spring marked with a dashed line. This is where the water should appear, which will appear on the board when we damage the wooden dam. Yes, you read it right. Our task in the game is to cut wooden logs in the right places. Depending on where you swipe your finger, water will flow along a specific path. Therefore, the player must take into account the physics of the game and the obstacles that appear on the boards. The problem will be not only winding labyrinths, but also more or less complex collapsed systems.

Splash Canyons is an addictive game full of simple puzzles based on the laws of physics. Fun is disrupted by ads that appear too often. Their removal is possible, but this entails a little less than $ 4. In our opinion, this amount is too high. However, the game is completely free, so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth paying for the option without ads.

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