Cigarette Analytics – more than just a Cigarette Counter

We looking at a fairly well-known application for dropping smoking, Cigarette Analytics (Cigarette Counter).

Recently developers have published version 2.2, in which the application has something to brag about.

Cigarette Analytics

To begin with, let us briefly recall the main features of the application for those who first hear about it.

  • We can choose from our huge list of cigarettes our brand or create our own.
  • Mark the smoked cigarettes with the quick button on the main screen or the button with the timer.
  • We can add cigarettes or remove mistakes through the Smoking Diary.
  • We can mark cigarettes without ever going into the application – via the widget on the phone screen.

All these cigarettes are analyzed by the application, and gives us a lot of very different information and graphs on the Analytics screen: money spent on it, nicotine and resin absorbed by the body, time spentby smoking, and much more. Also, the most important information we can output right to the main application screen. Pro-widget also displays the information that we have chosen as the most important.

For those who have already quit smoking in the application there is a mode of “Health”. This one displays statistics about the “non-smoking” of a person with a lot of interesting facts and processes in the body.

The application has many individual settings and other features.

Cigarette Analytics

But what did the new version of the application show us?

Ability immediately after the installation of the application, specify the date of rejection of cigarettes. This makes it possible to use the application to track the achievements of those who have long quit smoking.

Added notifications about the occurrence of a new key event for non-smokers.

Henceforth, it is not necessary to open the application and see if a new event has already come about, related to the cessation of smoking.

Many other small improvements have been added, but the most important thing that appeared in the new application version is the Goals.

Cigarette Analytics


Goals are set in the Options section and allow you to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, increase the time between cigarette breaks, or simply set the date of planned abandonment of cigarettes and trace how this moment is approaching.

All kinds of goals actively interact with each other, and with widgets. If we just smoked a cigarette, we’ll see that until the next we should wait another 50 minutes, for example. And if we smoked a cigarette at half-past one in the morning, and in the settings of the goal we indicated that we do not smoke from 1:00 to 8:00 (because we are asleep), then the application will say that we will have to wait 8 more hours and 30 minutes – until the morning. That is, everything is pretty intelligent.

If we smoke more or more often than our goals set, the success of the goals will decrease. Also, in the settings of goals, we can turn on notifications about the moment when we can smoke. Very useful option!

Cigarette Analytics

It could be written a lot about the possibilities of the Goals, but it’s better to try it yourself. Those who quit smoking will certainly appreciate it! As a result, we can say that the application is improves, and although there is still a lot to work on for developers, it definitely gives great hopes.

Let’s believe that the number of people who Cigarette Analytics will help to quit smoking will only grow!

Download the app on Google Play

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