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Clash of Clans – 7 years on the market, and revenues are still growing!

There are games that, despite the long years of existence, are still very popular among smartphone players. We have to admit that we have not looked at Clash of Clans for a long time. We do not know whether you know, but on August 2 this name turns 7 years old! There are not many games that with such experience in the market may surprise sales. Two months before the birthday of Supercell, which is responsible for creating Clash of Clans, we received an amazing report on the income of this cult strategy.

In 2014, Clash of Clans earned $ 654,000 a day. A year later, this amount was already $ 1.5 million. These results allowed to invest in marketing, which can be provided by several studios involved in games for smartphones and tablets. To this day, we remember the cult announcement with Liam Leeson, which premiered at the Super Bowl XLIX. It seems to us that it was also difficult to not pay attention to the films advertising Clash of Clans, which were shown at every turn, playing other mobile games. It turns out that after 7 years of operation, this machine for making money may still surprise you.

Earlier this year, Supercell introduced the elements of a subscription, which turned out to be a hit. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, Clash of Clans earned $ 76 million last month. Recently, such high incomes were recorded in June 2017. At that time, the title earned $ 82 million. In 2018, this amount was already 11 million less.

Clash of Clans makes the most money in the United States. This market generates up to 47% of total revenue. Analyzes for June show that Germany (8%) and third China (5%) rank second. Over the past six months, Clash of Clans has earned $ 334 million worldwide. This is 26% more than in 2018. We have to agree that such an increase in sales in the case of a game that has been around the neck for 7 years is a real sensation. Since January 2014, this title has been set over 621 million times. Throughout its history, the game has earned 6.2 billion dollars!

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