Clean Master – antivirus #1 for your smartphone

Every day we install a large number of different applications, games, and various information on the phone. But over time, all this becomes us unnecessary, and the phone “clogs up”.  Clean Master – the app designed to solve this problem in a simple and effective way, and also very fast.

Clean Master

It will help to clean your phone of excess files, and help greatly speed up its operation. With this application for cleaning you get an antivirus that will reliably protect the phone, and therefore it will not need to install it separately. As for the main job of the application, it’s pretty simple. First of all, I want to say about several functions that are needed specifically to clean the phone of debris. The first is of course cleaning the trash. Here is a order of its work: the program removes excess or obsolete files, and also clears the cache memory of the phone, which by the way significantly slows down its work, if “clogged”. Due to this, cleaning can cover data in social networks such as: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and you do not need to worry that some important files will be lost. As already mentioned, the program includes a free antivirus, namely Clean Master, it scans all applications and files on the phone, and in case of detection it just blocks their work. Among other not less important additional functions: private photos – everything is quite simple, the program blocks your personal photos, and does not give access to them to other users. The phone optimizer works by clearing the RAM of the phone, and giving it speed during operation. Save battery power, this feature includes a mode such as hibernation, which helps to save energy, and extends the battery life.

You can download this app in Google Play

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