Cleaning in the house – a game that will teach your kids cleanliness and order.

As you know cleaning the apartment is not too interesting work, which no one practically wants to do. During the cleaning we spend a lot of time and most importantly the energy. In order to be able to turn this procedure into an interesting and fun activity, especially for children, you need to install the application “Cleaning in the house.”

This is the best simulator that will help you to feel how cleaning works, and what components are necessary for it. The application provides several stages at once, which are arranged in a certain sequence.

The first task will be that you need to clean up the mess in the kitchen. To do this, you will need to collect dirty dishes from the table, wash it and put it in the right lockers. Players will also have to put all foods in the fridge, and clean up the mess with a stove.

Cleaning in the house

In case of successful completion of the job, cleaning goes to the second floor, right in the living room. The cleaning process will consist in the fact that the kids will need to collect the toys and put them in their place. The highlight of this is the washing of windows, in the application it is necessary in order to give the room more light and space.

Cleaning in the house

The next stage is, perhaps, the most difficult task that can be in this application. The whole point is that the child will need to clean up the mess in his kid’s room.

Cleaning in the house

During which the child will perform a number of tasks, including such as: washing the floors, collecting garbage, you will need to collect all the books, and much more.

The whole point of the application is to make children understand that cleaning is not such a difficult task as it seems at first glance, and this application – that is what you need.
The application includes a large number of levels and tasks, with proper passage of each of them, the child will climb to the floor above and above. After completing all the tasks and levels, the house will immediately turn into a clean and cozy home for the whole family.

With this application the child will be able to improve himself comprehensively, and at the same time all this will happen at home. Installing the application “Cleaning in the house” your child will be able to have fun and interesting part of his free time.

You can download the game on Google Play

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