Coffee Craze

Coffee Craze – own cafe or maybe already a coffee factory?

The games in which we produce something, and an endless number of times, we return to fun to raise money, expand our business and improve production – this is one of the hallmarks of modern entertainment that awaits us in the Google Play and App Store. There are thousands of such names. Such games are increasingly combined with other time savers, that is, with clickers. Coffee Craze is a great example of such a hybrid. If you have ever dreamed of having your own cafe, you can start with its virtual colleague.

We start the fun by calling our cafe. A moment later, we move on to a simple tutorial that allows you to quickly learn the rules of the game. We are dealing with clickers based on the production of take-away coffee. It turns out that our little cafe is closer to the production plant.

Coffee Craze

Every position that we open is related to the production of various coffee drinks. Of course, the more time we devote to Coffee Craze, the more expensive products we can implement in the offer, and therefore, we will start to earn more. In addition to the racks with various types of coffee, the cafe will also present a conveyor belt for drinks at the bar and the place where the cashier works. Each such space is a separate cog in our coffee empire. We need to evenly distribute experience points to increase work efficiency. The game will tell us if any element of the chain lags behind others. This is a self-propelled car – the more we get richer, the more elements of the cafe we ​​can develop. Each click on a character standing next to a certain position will also generate revenue.

From time to time, the game will tempt us with the opportunity to double our profits in exchange for viewing ads. In games of this type, such actions are common. We think this solution works much better than the ad we are exposed to, regardless of whether we want it. To encourage us to have fun, from time to time we will have the opportunity to receive gifts in the form of new varieties of coffee or gold beans, which are virtual currency in Coffee Craze. All this will allow you to enrich and develop the cafe even faster.

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