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Still cannot decide what to cook for dinner? Install a Cookpad. Cookpad, as is already clear, is an another application with recipes in which a live and constantly growing base of new tasty and useful recipes from users of the application. The application is extremely simple; there is nothing superfluous, and also absolutely any advertising. You can add your favorite recipes to your favorites, not to lose and collect something like a cookbook. And if the user likes the recipes of a particular author, he can subscribe to it and be always aware of tasty new dishes. Under the recipes, you can leave comments, where other users can answer questions about this recipe or share photos of cooked food. These comments add to the popularity of the recipe by affecting its rating.

Cookpad Cookpad

Application developers are proud of the quality of the search in the Cookpad and it is not in vain. The app will find you exactly the recipes that match your needs with the right ingredients. Whether it is dietary, festive, halal, vegetarian recipes, for children, vegans and raw foodists, proper nutrition with a strict count of calories and many others.

If you have something to share, you can also publish your recipes and a huge number of Cookpad users will be able to cook and try it. The main thing is to follow the simple principle of step by step description, do not forget to add a photo at each stage and choose the category of your recipe correctly.

You can download this app in GooglePlay и iTunes

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