Criminal Case

Criminal Case – hidden objects for true detectives

“Criminal case” is a long adventure in the grim vicious city of Grimsborough, in which you are an honest talented detective, whose goal is to rid the city of dirt. The mechanics of the game is to find objects, but that’s not all:

  • Investigate confusing cases
  • Play with friends through the connection to Facebook, compete with them in the detective
  • Get a police dog
  • Find evidence and analyze its samples in the laboratory
  • Play additional mini-puzzle games to explore the clues you collect.
  • Interrogate witnesses and victims
  • Get the killers to justice

Criminal Case Criminal Case

In the game there are several modes – standard and bonus: for a while, in the form of spots and “find difference.” “Criminal Case” is a very long game, it has a lot of things to be disclosed, as well as add-ons.

Criminal Case Criminal Case

Enough to want to start playing it right now! The game still has a small drawback, in the “Criminal Case” will not be able to play continuously, since energy is spent on investigating crime scenes, and it is not recovering quickly enough. But for those who want to speed up this process, there are built-in purchases in the game or you can just look at the advertisement.

You can download the game on Google Play  и  iTunes


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