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Today I’ll tell you about the legendary horror Dead by Daylight. This iconic multiplayer horror movie from the Canadian studio Behavior Interactive first appeared on PC in 2016. Successfully made it for consoles and became a truly popular action game. Games with such asymmetric multiplayer have existed for a long time (for example, the shooter Evolve). But only Dead by Daylight managed to gain respect in the genre. The asymmetry of control consists of the most powerful character as opposed to a group of ordinary heroes.

About the story Dead by Daylight:

Four unarmed victims fall on a closed map at night from where they must get out by opening a gate or a hatch. And all this time a bloodthirsty killer is hunting them. The player can choose whom he will be in this carnage: one of the survivors playing in a team with other victims in the third person OR an insane maniac with a first-person view, who needs to find and kill all the victims. Different levels and real human reactions make the gameplay really unpredictable. Any character in this game independently develops a strategy of hunting and survival, using all his cunning and ingenuity.

As a victim, you can use various tricks to outwit the killer: dark places, narrow openings, etc. All gameplay in your hands. You can remove a friend from the hook, defuse a trap with certain skills, heal a friend with a first aid kit, and so on. The tense atmosphere is heated even more by the signs of an approaching maniac. You start to hear a frightening melody and your palpitations when the enemy is close. The most important thing to understand is that there are four of you, and one maniac. Physically, the killer can focus on only one victim. Do not miss this chance in order to achieve your goal: fix all the generators and escape.

The meaning of the game for a maniac: to catch everyone. As an assassin, you can choose any incarnation. Your abilities differ depending on the character you choose. In total, the game features 16 killers.

This action is not for all people. Even the most avid horror fans will be able to tickle their nerves.

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