Door Kickers

Door Kickers: decent strategy or how to kick the door

Door Kickers is a decent game in the world of strategies. Released in 2014, it maintains its position in the gaming industry. Can you kick the door with an army of cops, while analyzing the situation and choosing the right tactics?

Door Kickers: Debriefing

Door Kickers is a fascinating game with a great number of tactical combat actions and various difficulty in passing. Players will need to analyze the situation, choose an army, weapons, and class. Here you will see five classes including thug, shield-bearer, stealth, presenter, and attack plane. Every class has a particular type of weapon and specific fighting skills. Features of the struggle also differ between classes. Besides, an army of ten people will help you kick the door and accomplish the mission. The game has six campaigns with various missions. In total, the game has 80 different missions with 65 types of weapons. The game allows planning properly your tactics to use further in the overall strategy of the game.

Playing in Door Kickers, players can choose equipment, plan a route, and manage their army. The game is addictive, while the plot is amusing. However, players would like to experience new missions and new equipment. There is not very convenient control in the game. But at the same time, the game develops and improves players’ tactical thinking, ingenuity, and strategic thinking of moves.

Door Kickers – basic features of gameplay

The game is exhilarating, but one awkward movement and all your tactics break into the abyss. It’s not very convenient to play on a smartphone, because planning for a group of two or more people becomes impossible. In general, the idea is perfect, but it also has drawbacks. If you touch the wrong place on your smartphone, your perfect planning strategy goes astray. Considering all the drawbacks, there are several advantages in the game. I’m fond of well-designed graphics, a variety of weapons, and an exciting plot. However, playing on a computer was much easier.

Door Kickers won an award from Rock, Paper, Shotgun as the best tactical game in 2014.

If you are a fan of tactical games, then you should try playing Door Kickers.

Download the game here. 

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