Dragon City

Dragon City – an exciting game for kids and adults

Do you want to please your children with an interesting and exciting game? The perfect solution for this is the game Dragon City. In this game, children can have fun and spend their free time enjoying it. The plot of the game is that you need to develop a city in which will live not people, but unusual creatures, namely dragons.

Dragon City

The goal will be that, in addition to development of your own city, you will need to grow dragons, as well as develop them and improve their skills. This is quite interesting, because you will have to make a lot of efforts to achieve this goal. In the end, you can become a full owner of dragons who breathe flame. As for the city itself, it will be located on floating islands.

Dragon City

Why do you need to improve the skills of dragons? Everything is quite simple, because in the future they will protect you and your city from other, similar creatures. In this game will be available few dragons at start who have different skills, namely: dragons of war, fire, legend, and nature.

Dragon City

If you want to create a really unique and powerful dragon, you need to interbreed all these existing species to get one. But you can get in another way, for this purpose you need to win various tournaments and battles. The peculiarity and advantage of the game is that 500 species are available at once, and all of them will appear after every week of the game. Also in the game you can help your friends by giving them various gifts.

Dragon City

Make your city really mystical and some unusual, that makes all players realize your strength and power. Take part in various leagues, where only the strongest dragons will be represented, and test your strength in battles with them. Install this game and become the coolest dragon master.

You can download this game on PlayMarket

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