Draw Chilly

Draw Chilly: Side-to-Side Run as the simplest move ever

Draw Chilly is an arcade game. Its main goal is to pull the city from the bottom of Purgatory. The main hero Vladimir has to obey the orders from Riders of the Apocalypse. Vladimir and his team of mechanics have to fight with monkeys. Vladimir’s team is stupid but at the same time sincere and kind. They need to pass over all the flours from down to up and return bosses from Purgatory to Reapers.

Draw Chilly an incredible plot

In Draw Chilly, you can find an exciting plot that is full of great humor and kindness. For example, you will make Riders of the Apocalypse happy by moving through the Purgatory and winning the bosses. In return, they tell you incredible stories about their lives. Moreover, every player has the chance to meet opponents and to know their motives in the game better.

I’m fond of the perfect plot of the game. It is very engaging and smart. By moving through all of the Purgatory’s floors and doing the tasks, you’re caught up in the world of great stories and bright dialogues.

 Draw Chilly game’s features

Draw Chilly is not a game with sophisticated moves or complex gaming ‘pa’. It is a simple game where players just need to run from side to side. However, it has a unique mix of complexity and simpleness. For instance, although there are game levels from a light one to a difficult one, it is still difficult to make it through on a light level. There are some game features that help players win:

  • Vladcoin is a currency that a player gets for every passed stage in the game. This will increase Vladimir’s chances to win.
  • Riders of the Apocalypse help players through so-called ‘Riders’ Gifts’. These are the skills related to bosses.
  • Chicks are the power of the team because they help to fight with bosses. Players need to collect all the chicks that generate energy. This improves the situation in the city while the skills help to defeat the enemies.
  • Chicks with kits help you fight with bosses if you start to find new skills faster.

I’m absolutely sure that Draw Chilly is a great arcade game that improves our sense of fantasy.

Download the game here.

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