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Often, the learning of foreign languages ​​is filled with an atmosphere of study and knowledge. But unfortunately, you all know how fast it can become boring. Drops turned this useful, but not so fun activity into an exciting casual game. Learning is built on the assimilation of material through visual images and quick games. The application promises to be useful and take no more than 5 minutes per day. In practice, this should help make the lessons regular and not miss any single day. After all, everyone will find 5 minutes for such a useful matter as learning languages. Those who wishing to devote more time to study will have to subscribe. Games pass in a fast and intense mode, but not so much to be annoying. Of course, this application does not replace the real courses, even the premium version. However, free mode can serve as a good vocabulary for learning new words and a small base before you start learning language seriously.
Drops  Drops Drops

In Drops there are a lot of languages ​​to learn, including:

🇰🇷 Korean
🇯🇵 Japanese
🇨🇳 🇭🇰 Chinese (North Chinese and Cantonese)
🇪🇸 🇲🇽 Spanish (Castilian and Latin American)
🇺🇸 🇬🇧 English (American and British)
🇫🇷 French
🇩🇪 German
🇳🇱 Dutch
🇮🇹 Italian
🇷🇺 Russian
🇵🇹 🇧🇷 Portuguese (European and Brazilian)
🇮🇱 Hebrew
🇸🇦 Arabic
🇹🇷 Turkish
🇵🇭 Tagalog
🇻🇳 Vietnamese;
🇮🇩 Indonesian
🇩🇰 Danish
🇸🇪 Swedish
🇳🇴 Norwegian
🇮🇸 Icelandic
🇭🇺 Hungarian
🇮🇳 Hindi
and even Esperanto!

In games,  are used images, you can give an ansver by swipe, you don’t need to enter the text. You’ll not study rules in the game, only a words. However, this is the first step in the development of a new language. Knowing the words is already not so difficult to apply the rules to them, isn’t it? For beginners who choose to conquer a language that does not use the Latin alphabet, there is lessons of the alphabet in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Hindi languages. Voice actors pronounce the words clearly and legibly. You can study several languages ​​at once for free. Drops is suitable for learning words for both adults and children, the design is colorful, but very minimalistic. You can track your progress on the tab with the account in the statistics and, after  more than 50 words are learned, you can get access to more difficult words.

You can download this app in GooglePlay and iTunes

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