DU Recorder – a reliable application for recording video from the smartphone screen

Sometimes you need to record video from the screen, and standard tools do not allow this. There is an solution! DU Recorder stably and quickly records the contents of the screen. In addition to simple recording and editing video in the application, there are many more advanced features.

DU Recorder DU Recorder DU Recorder

With its help you can create video letsplays of various games, as well as record video calls of relatives and friends or popular streams from Twitch and Periscope! The application has a very extensive list of free functions:

  • Many options for resolution, frame rate and bitrate; HD video supported.
  • Pause / resume recording.
  • Usisg of the frontal camera.
  • Recording of external sound.
  • Controlling recording using a floating window or notification bar; Ability to hide a floating window for shooting in full screen.
  • Shake the smartphone to stop recording the screen.
  • Function “Brush” – you can draw with your finger on the screen.
  • It is possible to download your videos and screenshots to your computer via a shared Wi-Fi by address from the application.
  • Live Creator – broadcast your screen image on YouTube, Facebook & Twitch using DU Recorder.
  • Ability to add sound to video and etc.

And as a bonus DU Recorder allows you to take screenshots with a single finger tap. In some cases, this application is just a magic wand, but despite all the advantages, it’s not so easy to understand the application quickly because of its very extensive functionality. So, it’s worth a little patience for the first time, and appreciate the DU Recorder for its accomplishments.

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