Earn to Die

Earn to Die – get ready to kill zombies before they kill you

Earn to Die is a famous game designed by a well-known Australian developer Not Doppler. Made in a genre of racing and action, the game’s goal is to kill zombies before they will kill you. To survive, fight monsters and improve your cars.

Earn to die, racing to survive

The gameplay of Earn to Die is simple. You are in a desert surrounded by monsters. You need to drive a car and escape from monsters. Your car is a complete wreck, you have petty cash for its upgrade. Thus, players need to earn money to upgrade or change cars. Your car needs accelerators or a gun, then help her break through the crowds of zombies.

For the past few years, Earn to Die has undergone some changes and updates. For example, developers have added a new Story Mode. You need to drive around the area surrounded by zombies. Also, the game has amazing special effects in the animation form. They depict a realistic picture of the zombie’s world. Eight cars can help you survive in this zombie apocalypse. You have the choice between a truck, a school bus, or a race car. The game gives you a chance to refresh these cars with a new design, details, etc. Besides these features, the game provides a unique opportunity to kill zombies almost on the fly with the help of the rag-doll engine.

Earn to Die: Are you ready to fight zombies?

How do you like this scenery? Imagine you are in the desert surrounded by zombies. What are you going to do? You need to kill them, but are you not afraid of them? There are thousands of them on your way. Don’t miss the chance to fight them.

It’s easy and addictive to play Earn to Die. This is a splendid game where you can relax and chill. However, the game has its drawbacks. For instance, new smartphones don’t always support the updated version of the game. Besides, players can pass all the levels within 2-3 hours. It will be better to improve the plotline and extend the gameplay.

If you are a fan of the zombie apocalypse in the racing genre, then here is a link to download.

Are you ready to fight the zombies?

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