Empire Warriors TD Premium

Empire Warriors TD Premium build tower defeat enemies

Empire Warriors TD Premium is a fantastic game in the Tower Defense style developed by Vietnamese independent studio ZITGA. The game is a fuse of a role-playing game and strategy. Defeat your enemies by participating in magic fights, developing strength, and building towers.

Empire Warriors TD Premium – key features of the game

Imagine you are on a magical continent. The vast majority of its inhabitants are humans, elves, gnomes, orcs, trolls, goblins, monsters, and other creatures. Everywhere around you is the chaos of constant battles and monsters. You need to protect yourself from them by building towers and fighting creatures. Various magic weapons will support your defeat. Many locations create new difficulties and obstacles to success. The battle can take place in a mountain gorge or a deadly swamp. The right strategy and towers will help defeat enemies.

Empire Warriors TD Premium has a lot of modes, including online mode and endless mode. They allow players to choose a difficulty level. Moreover, you can choose the original heroes to control them. Each hero has one active superpower and three passive powers. It depends only on you whether they will become winners or losers. In the game, you will struggle with many monsters hungry for your blood. You need to fight with nearly 30 monsters of diverse appearances. How do you like this battle?

Empire Warriors TD Premium VS Kingdom Rush

The game has a lot like Kingdom Rush. Therefore, many believe that Empire Warriors TD Premium is plagiarism on a famous game in the same style. Let’s see if this is right. Indeed, Empire Warriors TD Premium took a lot of things from Kingdom Rush. For example, the concept of the game and the gameplay (partially) resemble it. However, Empire Warriors TD Premium has unique features. Amazing 2D graphics and impressive animations keep players to the end, and the gameplay is attractive. Various locations and numerous opponents make an exciting atmosphere of the game. In one mission, you can play three heroes at once. You can upgrade them with specific skills or power. Players can use runes to create a proper defense. You can receive additional functions and benefits after completing quests for additional donations.

If you’re a fan of the mix of strategy and RPG, then here is a link.

Are you ready for the battle?

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