Empires and puzzles – epic heroes, monsters and action ?

Empires and puzzles – is a mixture of mobile strategy and mobile puzzle three in row. This combination may seem specific, but it adds some zest.

The very first thing you have to start with is building a base: build new, as well as improving old ones. The base produces resources, useful items and heroes are engaged.

And the further you develop in the game, the more production capacity will be required from your base. Since this is an MMO game, get ready for the fact that it may take months to develop your base.

Another important point is your heroes who take part in the battles. Your team can have up to 5 heroes, and there’s a whole bunch to choose from, so you’ll have to choose it competently. But the benefit is that all the heroes are divided into ranks and in the future, you will no longer pay attention to one-star heroes.

But even the weakest characters can be useful. After all, they are a source of experience for stronger characters. Each hero also has its own squad, which improves the ability of the hero. You will have to find them a higher rank and pump.

Now let’s talk about the battles themselves. Basically, you have to go through a very long company in which you have to fight with monsters, as well as bosses with stronger and more severe opponents. The farther, the correspondingly more difficult, but your reward is growing. The battles themselves are a solution to the puzzle three in a row. They made a series of crystals – a hero of the corresponding color attacks the enemy, on the contrary. The more crystals gone, the more damage will be. Also, the heroes restore the accompanying mana, so that the hero can use his ability in the future.

By the way, not necessarily in a row should be three crystals. There can be 4, and 5, and after that, a bonus can be activated that does not use your move. Thanks to this, the game becomes quite deep tactically. You have to think about combinations of crystals in this is the main idea of ​​the game.

You can also fight with other players, though the battle will not be with the player himself, but with artificial intelligence that will control the hero of your opponent. But this does not make the battle easier. After all, enemies use their abilities because of this, they become much more powerful than your heroes. Therefore, you have to be smart in this battle.

You can also enter into an alliance with other players. There you will find a company of the same players as you and use the opportunity to fight a strong opponent with a titan, for which you will receive additional rewards. Naturally, titanium will have to be killed by the alliance.

Of course, at first glance, Empires and Puzzles seems like a game of which there are hundreds on smartphones, this is partly true. But the peculiar mechanics of the game can be much more interesting than the other presented apps.

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