Enigma: Tiny Spy Adventure

Enigma: Tiny Spy Adventure – a puzzle, a quest and more

If you like adventures, such genres as hidden objects and escape from the room, then this game will be of interest to you, too. Enigma: Tiny Spy Adventure is an atmospheric quest that will allow you to plunge into an adventure during the Second World War. In the course of the game, you will need to unravel the mystery of Enigma’s encryption machine and get out of the occupied territory. On the way there will be many bizarre and insidious puzzles and riddles, which our hero in the role of the secret will have to solve. Here you need to do everything that you like in these games: engage logic, collect and use items, solve riddles and puzzles. The gameplay is comfortable and intuitive.

Enigma: Tiny Spy Adventure Enigma: Tiny Spy Adventure

Sometimes you need to be a thief, and sometimes disguised as an enemy soldier. You can walk, pretend to be dead, play a spy. Your goal is to do everything you need to get the Enigma codebook at any cost and return it to the allied forces. You just need to find and bring it. A sword, a knife or a gun – this is your choice. Our hero is able to use any weapon to prevent a military catastrophe.

Enigma: Tiny Spy Adventure

The game is made by indie developers and completely free, there are no in-game purchases. However, how often it happens with free games, it has a lot of advertising. But this does not spoil the impression of the game. The plot line is interesting and well thought out – meaningful dialogues and many locations.

You can download this game PlayMarket and iTunes

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