Eternium – an action RPG that we love so much

Eternium is a beautiful action RPG game that has one interesting advantage over other mobile games of this genre. In Eternium, an unusual but very simple and friendly control is implemented. To make a character to go, you need to touch the right place on the map, and to cast a spell you need to swipe your finger across the screen. The game can be played endless amount of time, as there is no limited given for moves or energy. In-game currency – rubies, you can get it by killing monsters and completing quests.


As usual in RPG, there are several classes of heroes: magician, warrior and rogue. In the beginning, you need to select it and start a long adventure through the game plot. During the game you will earn money as well as clothing and weapons. Clothes and weapons,  can be improved with stones, inserting them into sockets or you can dismantling it. Shield and sword or two swords, staff, armor or clothing – choose what you like or what will lead you more effective battle.


There are about 20 skills or spells for each class of heroes, which are harder to earn with each level. The game promises to become more difficult and diverse, even at the highest level of the hero. After the hero reaches 70th level, the accumulated experience points will become “Champion Levels”. These levels can be transferred to your new heroes to make it easier for them to increase. In addition to the three-storyline, in Eternium there are Trials and countless randomly generated levels.


You can download this game GooglePlay or iTunes

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