Evernote – a universal tool for storing notes

How often it often happens that we think about something, trying not to forget it and to return to the idea later, but as a rule, after an hour everything flies out of the head. Evernote will help us with this problem. In this application you can store all your ideas and notes in a form convenient for you. From the shopping list to the project outline. All your entries can be added in the format of notes, notebooks, to-do lists and tasks. Also notes can be of different types too, depending on what information you intend to save in them, namely text, pictures, photos, audio, video, PDF, copies of web pages and much more.

The developers took care that you could save even those records that were on paper – scan records, business cards, printed documents, drawings and even handwritten text using the camera of device. Also, any manually entered note can be supplemented with Microsoft Office documents, PDF and photos. With Evernote you can also organize your accounts, and checks and other payment documents. And global synchronization allows you not to lose everything and have access to every record from any device by connecting to your Evernote account. All data can be synced between your devices, whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet. Synchronization is so accurate and fast that you can start working with a note from one device, and continue on another without losing information! Well, to ensure that everything was fine, you can protect your notes with a password on the application and do not worry about the inviolability of your records.

If, on the contrary, you need to share your records with certain people, then for this, Evernote has the tools for sharing.

This application can be useful in various spheres of life of its user. In everyday life, to organize thoughts through to do lists and shoppings. You can set reminders to forget nothing, save all the information you need, plan trips, parties, etc. In a working environment, Evernote helps you work on presentations, create event plans and set reminders. Add your notes and comments to documents during business meetings. Safely retain your achievements and share them with your colleagues. You can give them the opportunity to work with you on the same notebook.

And even for study he will find use. You can copy and allocate important information in articles from the Internet, view and edit documents, plan educational projects, drafts and mark abstracts from lectures and seminars.

To quickly access your notes, you can place one of three widgets on the screen.

Install Evernote and do not forget anything.

You can download the app in Google Play and iTunes

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