File Commander

File Commander – File Manager / Explorer – the application for files

Modern phones can store a lot of information, and as a rule it is difficult to sort them by some specific filters to make it easier to search some of it at the right time. To solve this problem, you need to install the File Commander app – File Manager / Explorer. After that everything will be clear on your phone and according to plan.

File Commander

This file manager is suitable for working only with the Android operating system. This application is very popular. It is impossible to mark all advantages of this particular application. Thanks to it you can not only work with documents, but also much more. First of all we can say about its universality, which consists in working with simple text files, and with music, video and much more. In addition, files can be edited, changing their content and the name. The application allows you to archive files, and to send it in a few taps.

A significant advantage, which makes using of this application as simple as it possible, is the creation of libraries with files you need, which greatly simplifies their search. Another feature that allows you to work with the application anywhere – is the option to log into the system. And now for working with files, only the Internet is needed. When you log in, all your settings are stored. And with the help of a special secure mode, all files will be under reliable protection. The application has a new converter, it can convert files to more than 100 different formats, and it will all happen on your phone. If this is not enough, then the application provides File Commander Premium, it has several more features that will help simplify the work in the application, and save your time.

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