The Frostrune

The Frostrune let’s solve the mystery of Vikings together

The Frostrune is a unique and exclusive game in an adventurous genre. In this game, you will find a genuine Scandinavian culture and fascinating landscapes. The game’s feature is focused on solving the mystery of Vikings. Let’s do it together:) The Frostrune impressive plot and stunning decorations The Frostrune plotline is rather exciting. The shipwreck… [читать дальше]


Machinarium the best game in quiz style

Machinarium is a very interesting and exciting game in the quiz genre. The developer of this adventurous game is Amanita Design. They are creators of well-known games such as Samorost, Botanicula, and CHUCHEL. The developers created an amazing plot with exciting quizzes. Over the past decades, this is one of the wide-spread intellectual old-school games. Machinarium… [читать дальше]

Draw Chilly

Draw Chilly: Side-to-Side Run as the simplest move ever

Draw Chilly is an arcade game. Its main goal is to pull the city from the bottom of Purgatory. The main hero Vladimir has to obey the orders from Riders of the Apocalypse. Vladimir and his team of mechanics have to fight with monkeys. Vladimir’s team is stupid but at the same time sincere and kind. They… [читать дальше]

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance – to be continued

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is one of a famous game cycle Kingdom Rush released by Ironhide Game Studio. A new updated version was released in 2019. Millions of players all over the world like it.  This is an interesting part of a well-known cycle that includes Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Origins, and Kingdom Rush Vengeance. What’s new… [читать дальше]

Home workout

'Home workout' – your new sport vaccine

‘Home workout – no equipment’ is an online app for training your muscles. It was developed in 2011 by Hongkong company Leap Fitness Group. In 2020, they updated the old version of the app. So right now you have a great chance to do some home workout with the new version. If you download training videos,… [читать дальше]

Раскраски по номерам

'Paint By Number' or paint me if you can

‘Paint By Number’ is a very amusing game. The goal of the game is to paint modern pop art paintings by a number. You need to link color with a number, this how the game starts. While playing, you will understand how amusing and interesting this game is. You can waste a great amount of… [читать дальше]

my coffeeshop

'My Coffeeshop: Recipes & Stories' is Your Unique Story

The game ‘My Coffeeshop: Recipes & Stories’ was developed by Belarusian company Melsoft Games. It was a breakthrough because of its unique idea and concept in a restaurant management sphere. The game gives a chance to become a restaurant manager for a while to plan and make a product’s supply. Gamers need to negotiate with customers,… [читать дальше]

Empires and puzzles – epic heroes, monsters and action ?

Empires and puzzles – is a mixture of mobile strategy and mobile puzzle three in row. This combination may seem specific, but it adds some zest. The very first thing you have to start with is building a base: build new, as well as improving old ones. The base produces resources, useful items and heroes are… [читать дальше]