Gardenscapes – a puzzle for the whole family

Gardening is known to be quite an interesting and useful activity from which one can only receive positive impressions. But not always weather conditions allow you to have fun in your beloved garden. To make weather does not prevent your hobby, you need to install the application Gardenscapes. What is the purpose of this game, and what do you need to do in to pass level after level?


Everything is simple enough, so you can understand from the name, that you have to grow various flowers and much more in your own virtual garden. The game has a very convenient and intuitive interface that will make the work in the garden much more fun and exciting. Gardenscapes has a large number of characters that will certainly meet you, many different levels, which will provide for non-standard thinking to solve them and various kinds of puzzles. You can quickly find out all the news about events and actions in the game by its social network. With you there will always be a faithful four-legged friend to make growing flowers not so sadand more fun.


The game involves not only growing flowers, but also decorating your garden. To make it as beautiful as possible, there are various fountains and garden sculptures. If you do not like a certain area of ​​the garden, you can easily move to another, and engage in its reincarnation. It is worth saying that each new garden will have its original design, which will provide for both interesting and beautiful labyrinths, and abandoned fountains and much more. To pass a certain level and improve your garden, you can receive various bonuses and gifts. This game is perfect for young children, and for women who just do not imagine their life without flowers and garden.

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