Green the Planet 2

Green the Planet 2 – green the planet and bring a life

Green the Planet 2 is an arcade, in a slightly retro style of 8 and 16 bit consoles. In this pixel game, the player becomes a participant in the Green Life program. And “Green Life” it is a program based on travel through the universe with the goal of planting a multitude of planets to make them comfortable for life.

Green the planet 2 Green the planet 2 Green the planet 2

Going to explore the universe you will have a hand book of the GROW traveler (Greening and Reviving Of The Whole Universe). It will show how and with which devices to plant the planet. In short, for this it will be necessary to blow up and destroy the comets, which already sounds pretty fun and exciting. At your disposal there will be a huge variety of Comet Disintegrators, for example, such as Shotgun, Reflector and Recharge, along with the standard Cannon, Rocket and Laser. All these devices will make the landscaping of planets much more interesting. And in the ship, in which the player is to travel, there is a library with all the information necessary for the game about the items received during the game.

Green the planet 2 Green the planet 2 Green the planet 2

After you destroy the next comet, minerals and other compounds that have fallen out from it must be collected. Then they go to the processing machine, where they are converted into a liquid of green color. It poured into a special tank, clicking on which, we will plant the planet.

On his ship, the player can update and improve various cars and weapons. Inside-gram currency can be obtained by collecting the remains of comets, it will be needed to improve equipment and purchase a new one. But then these remnants will not reach the planet and do not sting it for a certain percentage. When the landscaping process reaches 100 percent, you will move to the next level. The game is very addictive and may not let go for several hours.

You can download this game in GooglePlay and iTunes

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