Guns оf Glory – military strategy

I am sure that you are familiar with games like Vikings: War of Clans and so on.
Guns of Glory is not inferior in its mechanics and fascination. Guns of Glory is an interesting game on mobile devices that will immerse you in the big world of the dark Middle Ages and silicon guns with a delicious seasoning of battles with monsters.

Interesting things in Guns of Glory:

The most important unit in the game is the airship. It is a command center and the most powerful weapon in the arsenal. Plus, let’s talk more about each of the elements of the game.

A settlement is a place where you will spend as much time as possible. Here you come up with your tactics for developing a settlement. At your disposal, there are industrial, military and research facilities. Industrial helps to extract the necessary resources in the right quantities. Military structures train combat units to attack beasties and capture points.

The army is divided into three types of troops: infantry, arrows and cavalry. They have different strengths and new units are opened when the corresponding structure is improved, that is, the cavalry barracks are responsible for the improvement of the cavalry.
Your settlement also has abilities that require upgrade points. Points for improvement give for each level. So pumping it all right away will not work.

The obvious advantages of the game:

One of the most enjoyable things is the bonus system, which works almost constantly, and you get rewards for completing chapters, feats, and tips. The rewards range from a booster in time, gift resources to interesting efforts for the army.
After you more or less pump your settlement to level 4, you can get out of your settlement on the global map of the game world. There are resource points for capture on it. Absolutely every player can use them and take parts from this point. The number of resources depends on the number of soldiers you will send there. So if you have about 500 combat power, then you can take out the whole point at one time if you want. They are divided into levels and the larger the point will have more resources in it.
In the future, when you are already strong and gaining an alliance, the main action begins. You will receive maximum emotions from the wars that occur in the game. By the way, in this game there is no such problem as a “mono” army where all your main strength is one type of troops. No, everything is equally divided here.

To play or not to play?

And so let’s summarize all of the above. The game is a rather protracted strategy, but on a more simplified mechanics. Easy to develop and learn for everyone. Any student, as well as an adult, who simply has nothing to do during breaks, can play it. The game is very simple. Another advantage is that the project is new and there are still many interesting updates ahead.

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