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'Home workout' – your new sport vaccine

‘Home workout – no equipment’ is an online app for training your muscles. It was developed in 2011 by Hongkong company Leap Fitness Group. In 2020, they updated the old version of the app. So right now you have a great chance to do some home workout with the new version. If you download training videos, you can feel its quality. This app is designed to train all the groups of muscles. Moreover, the benefit of using this app is that you don’t need any equipment. You can just stay at home and enjoy your sporty day with ‘Home workout – no equipment’.

‘Home workout – no equipment’ as one of the methods to fight with CORONA

Today the whole world is suffering from a great loss of people. COVID-19 is a tragedy that makes us helpless. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that staying home and doing some sports exercises is the best choice we have. The program ‘Home workout – no equipment’ gives us this kind of opportunity at home.

This app is focused on training all muscle groups including legs, arms, abdominal muscles, and buttock muscles. Only 20-30 minutes every day will improve your body in the shortest time available. ‘Home workout – no equipment’ is a perfect app for us, lazy people and those who are sick and tired of controlling everything. Now you have a perfect time to give the initiative to your trainer. He will control your progress.

Program’s Components:

    1. A great variety of stretching and warming-up (an easy start with a difficult finish)
    2. A constant training reminder (you just can’t miss it)
    3. An automatic training record (you can watch it whenever you want)
    4. Weight control by your trainer (it’ll be difficult to eat candy)
    5. A graph of weight fluctuation (a chance to capture your progress)
    6. Motivation in social media (an opportunity to share your result with friends)
    7. Burning calories indicator (numbers is what you need to know to reach the goal)

The app ‘Home workout – no equipment’ has a fundamental basis of training materials including videos and animations. This is what they call it as ‘quality guarantee’. Furthermore, I like that this app has different levels. For example, you can choose a level of difficulty and then follow its training program. You can see the result in a couple of days already. Just keep up and stay home with ‘Home workout – no equipment’.

You will have 28 days to change your body. Don’t waste your time while sitting at home. Use it smartly and be healthy.

Download the app here

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