Incredibox – ‘musical’ game or ‘game’ music?

Incredibox is the musical masterpiece of the French company So Far So Good. Released back in 2009, the game immediately had thousands of fans around the world. Using characters and various musical compositions, explore your musical beat and share it with a friend.

Incredibox – ‘musical’ game?

Incredibox gameplay is quite minimalistic and concise. Players need to link up icons with a particular musical combination to their characters. Thus, you have a chance to develop your special musical beat. The game makes it possible to create your musical mix. To unlock the animated block, you will need to find a specific sound sequence. The game also has an automatic mode allowing us to create a composition randomly.

There is one crucial question: what is more important in Incredibox – music or game? Let’s take a look at the first option. On the one hand, a music box prevails over the gaming component. Players create their music using a variety of styles.

So in Incredibox, we can observe seven versions, including V1 The Original, V2 Little Miss, V3 Sunrise, V4 The Love, V5 Brazil, V6 Alive, and V7 Jeevan. Each of them is the prototype of the musical genre. The Original was the game’s initial version created in 2009. Hip hop highlights Little Miss’s concept. Besides, developers updated clothes design. Pop music influenced Sunrise, where the characters’ clothing also changes. While The Love is a ‘hello’ to modern music, Brazilian tunes have become an integral part of the game. Japanese motives inspired developers to create the sixth version of the game Alive. Finally, the Indian element appears in the seventh version of Jeevan.

Incredibox – …or ‘game’ music?

Let’s look at the second option of making an emphasis on the game process in Incredibox. Supposedly the crucial focus is the game process, it can include several elements. First, it’s the characters’ clothes. Every version has its distinctive national feature conveyed through clothing. For example, we can notice the Japanese style of clothing in Alive and the North American (Indians, Western, etc.) in Sunrise. Second, these are bonuses given in the game for finding certain musical combinations.

To sum up the Incredibox review, I’d like to highlight that the musical and game elements create an incredible atmosphere of an amazing tandem. It is difficult to say what is more important – a game process or music. They complement each other which makes such a unique duet the best training app in 2018.

If you’re a fan of music and like to experiment with beats, welcome to download the game.

Download the game here.


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