Iron Marines

Iron Marines – space monsters are attacking

Iron Marines is a fantastic game in the strategy’s genre developed by Ironhide Game Studio. They are famous creators of the Kingdom Rush saga. Players need to hire and train the soldiers of the galaxy testing their strength and abilities. The players’ original strategy will change the course of the battle at the most inappropriate moment.

Iron Marines: game’s features

This is a well-developed strategy to explore alternative worlds and galaxies. The game dives us into its universe with an incredible story and a fascinating graphic design. To serve their captain, brave fighters and aliens are fit to invade the world. Likewise, you will face monsters, ships, and robots ready to attack you. Thus, having a powerful team can resist the attackers’ army. While exploring unfamiliar territories, players should protect civilians using various tactics.
14 brave marines with their unique superpowers serve their chief. Your task as their captain is to help improve and control this superpower. Another of your tasks as the commander is to train your marines and provide them with new types of weapons.

Iron Marines: benefits and drawbacks

Iron Marines’ gameplay is unbelievable. The frequent change of soldiers and their enemies and the variety of missions make it even more exciting. Besides, the plot of the game is stunning, the graphic design is amazing. The atmosphere deepens us into new unexplored worlds. The detailed design is a crucial part of the game’s puzzle.

However, Iron Marines have some drawbacks worth highlighting. For example, one of them is a constant donation. There are only three free heroes. If you want to see more, pay for new heroes. Also, sometimes it’s hard to control marines because of the system malfunctions. Another drawback is the lack of the online version. If there were tournaments with other players, it would be more engaging to play Iron Marines.

The game has over 70 achievements and awards depending on the game’s complexity. Iron Marines has three levels of difficulty including Beginner, Fighter, and Veteran. Try every level to choose which one suits you best.

If you’re a fan of strategies, try Iron Marines.

Download the game here.

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