Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance – to be continued

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is one of a famous game cycle Kingdom Rush released by Ironhide Game Studio. A new updated version was released in 2019. Millions of players all over the world like it.  This is an interesting part of a well-known cycle that includes Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Origins, and Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

What’s new in Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

A strategic game Kingdom Rush from the very beginning in 2011 has become a bestseller in the world of games. Developers gradually released new versions. Finally in 2018, the fourth part of the Kingdom cycle was released. So what new options developers want to show us?

  • 25 difficult stages of the game;
  • 5 different areas put on fire;
  • 13 heroes that obey the player’s rules;
  • 18 towers with their unique skills;
  • 60 enemies that never give up;
  • 60 achievements and secrets;
  • 5 kings ready to fight;
  • 30 secrets how to be in good shape;
  • 10 artifacts that can help you win the battle.

All of these new options help players make the right choice. For example, knowing how to choose the right tower’s arsenal or the right combinations to win the battle. Or how to use new skills to fight with the enemy. All of these points can have a significant impact on the players’ effectiveness.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance: pros and cons

This version of the game has its pros and cons. Benefits will include great humor, fascinating locations, exciting stages of the game, well-developed game characters, and for sure, impressive towers’ graphic design. Towers’ mechanics is quite unusual as well. It catches the eye of the player with its diversity and uniqueness. However, at the same time, drawbacks are a simple plot of the game and plenty of donations. You need to pay for everything, heroes, towers, and consumables. In comparison with previous versions of the game, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is overpriced and easy to pass.

If you are a fan of the game Kingdom Rush, then you need to try Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Although in comparison with other versions, Kingdom Rush Vengeance might be not the best strategy game choice.

Download the game here.

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