Legends of Runeterra a card game from League of Legends soon on your mobile!

Riot Games quite loudly celebrates the tenth anniversary of its hit League of Legends. During the celebration, there was time for a number of different announcements – there will be a new animated series, mobile LoL and … a new card game. Yes, Legends of Runeterra is their latest idea in which you will find the champions from LoLa in the form of cards. Watch the game in the first short preview!

At first glance, Legends of Runeterra looks like … a typical card game that is missing on mobile devices. Dozens of cards, each creates its own deck, all based on its favorite financial model – free-to-play. Nevertheless, the developers promise that they will carefully approach the topic and design the game in such a way as to avoid the hated win.

Legends of Runeterra is a strategic card game in which skill, creativity and quick wisdom determine your success.

In LoR you can:

  • Create decks with your favorite League champions (and new characters) from Runetra regions, each of which has its own style and strategic advantage.
  • Fight in a dynamic, alternating battle, full of opportunities for replay.
  • Earn cards for free by playing or buying in the store exactly what you want – you manage your collection.

But this is only the beginning – watch this video for a more detailed study.

At the moment, we know about the game … relatively little. However, it is known that the premiere will take place both on mobile devices and on computers. You can already use the pre-registration option, which gives you the opportunity to go to the early stages of testing the game.

You can pre-register right now to be able to play on your PC during the special preview patch and during the closed beta in early 2020. The preview preview patch will be open from October 15 (19:00 Pacific time) to October 20 (19:00 Pacific time), followed by another preview version in November.

You can also watch LoR live on YouTube and Twitch for instant access.

The premiere of Legends of Runeterra is announced next year. At the beginning of 2020, a beta version will begin, after which the final touches will be presented, and as a result, the game will go into the hands of players. Interested in a new card game, or are you still using proven games?

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