Leo's Fortune

Leo’s Fortune: catch a thief and find your gold coins

Leo’s Fortune is a famous game-platformer designed by Swedish developer 1337 & Senri LLC. You’ll need to catch a thief who stole your gold. You’re a little fluffy ball Leo traveling around the labyrinth in search of gold. Catch a thief, find your fortune, and win in the game.

Leo’s Fortune – gameplay

The plot of Leo’s Fortune is very exciting. Players need not only to find gold but also to solve puzzles. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Let’s discuss the crucial points of the game.

Leo’s Fortune is a fantastic combination of amazing puzzles and well-designed gameplay. You will find various marvelous graphics here. It adds some brightness and colorfulness to the magical atmosphere of the game. Besides, the incredible music background complements the atmosphere. The game’s sound effects are impressive. Also, developers perfectly depicted the characters’ voices. According to the plot, the characters speak English with a strong Slavic accent.

The game consists of twenty levels divided into four locations. Each of the locations is a particular storyline associated with one of Leo’s relatives. They differ in both plotline and game mechanics. Moreover, the musical background for all the locations is also different. Each location has a significant amount of obstacles to your success.

Leo’s Fortune: game’s drawbacks

Unfortunately, the game has its drawbacks. For example,  there are a few levels not allowing you to fully experience the game. You can pass all the levels very quickly. It would be better to have more levels since there are no analogs of this game. We hope developers will take this significant detail into account.

However, you need to pay for the game, and it costs a lot. Thus, many users complain about the overvaluation of the game process. Considering all the advantages of the game (graphics, music, sound effects, puzzles) and disadvantages (the most essential one is the lack of levels), we can conclude that the game is somewhat overrated. Although I support this game, according to its price issue, it’s overpaid.

If you are a fan of a unique combination of puzzles, platforming, and action, then you should try Leo’s Fortune.

You can download the game here.

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