LightX – advanced and simple at th same time photo editor

LightX is a photo editor for smartphones in which there is almost everything. It has all that user can imagine! You can change or even remove the background, change the hair color, use the Lasso tool to select similar areas of the photo (which is, as it turns out, very rare for mobile photo editors). In LightX there is a function of mixing photos, it can be used to create interesting complex effects.

LightX LightX LightX

Mix photos, using different modes such as darkening, brightening, to create effects of double or multiple exposure. As in all similar editors, this one also has a lot of filters. Standard editing will help to change the photo with the help of various correction tools to change the brightness, contrast, exposure, color tone, saturation, intensity, shadows, halftones, light, temperature, hue and color.

LightX LightX LightX

With LightX, you can create perfect selfies! He has all the tools necessary for this: remove skin defects, whiten teeth, smooth out, change body parameters and much more.

In addition to the advanced features in the application, there are more simple ones for everyday instalgram’s purposes. Insert your photos into the frames, add stickers, paint on them and write the letterings.

You can download this app in Google Play and iTunes

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