Limbo as a real survival horror: are you scared now?

Limbo is a survival horror adventure game. This is a puzzle-transformer where the major events are developing rapidly. You are a boy waking up in the forest, and you need to find your sister. On your road to success, you will meet many obstacles. Thus, you need to be careful while solving puzzles.

Limbo – a parallel universe


While playing Limbo, you will enjoy all the smallest details. The story of the game catches your eye. It is rather exciting and dives a player into an alternative universe. There you can notice only black, white, and gray colors. The story of the game is wonderful because it involves a player’s fantasy. Danish studio Playdead is Limbo’s developer who allows players to imagine how events will unfold. The player’s key task is dreaming up and predicting the future. In this parallel universe, you will face other heroes who will either run away from you or attack.

Developers allow the players to figure out the ending. It does not satisfy many players. However, the puzzles, as a crucial part of the plot, are unbelievable. They are very entertaining and it is not always easy to guess them right. Also, they increase the level of the player’s intelligence and logic.

Limbo: the method of “Trial and death”

You can notice a significant variety of difficulties on your way to success. For example, you don’t expect the hero can drown or someone attacks him. The game has a lot of similar to these events details leading to the hero’s death. This is a so-called “Trial and death” method. In Limbo, it’s simple to die and a vivid animation accompanies ways of death.

The atmosphere of the game is fantastic as developers conveyed an epic picture. Besides, the sound background is marvelous. The playlist deepens you into the atmosphere of a gloomy world. Also, the graphic design of the game is stunning. Everything in the game is well-designed. However, a control system sometimes has crucial issues. We hope developers will consider these issues in the next part of the game.

If you’re a fan of survival horror, then you should try to play Limbo.

Download the game here.

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