Lords Mobile – large scale MMO

To begin with, let ‘s get to know the genre of the game, and then look at the game as a whole and its features.

 A little bit about Lords mobile:

  • it is a mobile strategy for Android and IOS platforms as well as for Windows. In Lords Mobile you will see a large number of live and real online. Also, the game is simply full of various monsters, and I do not hesitate to say that the game is moderately difficult. The game is full of content for study and at first, you will have to go into it more often to develop your settlement faster. And so in this game a whole mixture of subgenre.

The main genre of this game:

The most important genre in which the game is played is MMO. But she has the mechanics of fighting troops, attacks on the global map and the so-called attack by heroes where you recruit a squad that will defend the point.

Here’s how the world of Lords Mobile begins:

You play as the Lord, who was handed a small piece of land. Of course, it can be expanded, destroying the enemy’s fortifications, thereby driving him from a position and occupying everything with buildings.

The game has elements of urban development. You choose a place to build. These are farms that produce resources and production buildings that give you the opportunity to improve your army and settlement performance.

In the training itself, you are led in detail by the handle and indicate what to do. It is very good at dedicating you to what is happening. After passing this training, all freedom is in your hands. You can focus on any component of the game, but then the realization will come that the game approves development only in all directions. So do not clean up the development of one thing. Sooner or later you will have to catch up with the other branches.

In the beginning, you have available two Lords who are fighting on your side and they represent the main destructive force. You can wear your hero in new clothes that are obtained on the global map after battles. Yes, and for completing tasks you will also get a lot of stuff. When you collect a set of things, you can improve your character thereby he will receive more parameters in order to kill more enemies.

In the future, you will get new heroes to pump them and of course to join the guilds and take part in battles that you can not even imagine. Given the amount of online in the game, it’s just full of strong guilds. Of course, you can join any of them (each has its own requirements for joining). To do this, you need to play a lot and possibly donate.

So, the main conclusions:

Let’s summarize all of the above. The game seemed very big to me. It has everything, but it becomes a game problem. You need to spend quite a lot of time a day to pump something and score a more or less decent amount of army points. If you can afford to pay close attention to this game, then download without hesitation.

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