Lost Journey

Lost Journey – In Search of Memory

Young independent studio DreamSky recently pleased fans of atmospheric platformers with their game Lost Journey, which became the most anticipated project of the year. Originally Lost Journey came out on the iOS platform, but after a while there came turn of Android devices. This game is really worthy of attention.

Events Lost Journey envelops around a little girl named Jennifer, to whom someday came angel and sends the main character to an intricate journey in search of memories. She has to leave her life behind and go on an adventure. As the game passes, Jennifer collects fragments of memories, but she faces a lot of difficulties and tests associated with unpleasant memories. But the happy moments that flash up in memory help our heroine not to give up and not lose her hope.

Lost Journey

The graphics are designed in calm, but saturated colors. Colorful emotional illustrations will allow you to plunge into the plot and journey, and make the game cozier. Not all obstacles will be obvious. You must think a little to overcome some of them. In some situations, you need to literally turn the screen to find new ways and opportunities. To overcome other obstacles, it is necessary to manipulate the environment. Change in gravity, the time wrap, and/or space – in this game reality is not as obvious as it seems! Also, the music perfectly complements the design in Asian style and the relaxing atmosphere of the game.

Lost Journey

It’s a nice relaxing atmospheric platformer, which is a lot. But this does not make it less worthy of your attention. Especially Lost Journey is not costs as much as games like him, now it’s free. Do not be confused that the game was released long ago, it will still be able to please you.

You can download this game in PlayMarket and iTunes

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