Machinarium the best game in quiz style

Machinarium is a very interesting and exciting game in the quiz genre. The developer of this adventurous game is Amanita Design. They are creators of well-known games such as Samorost, Botanicula, and CHUCHEL. The developers created an amazing plot with exciting quizzes. Over the past decades, this is one of the wide-spread intellectual old-school games.

Machinarium what’s new?

Furthermore, Machinarium has a unique feature. It is the quality of the game. I believe that this is a great game which involves many aspects such as the plot, difficulty in passing through the levels of the game, interesting quizzes, and the original atmosphere. According to the plot, gamers need to help the robot Josef find his friend Berta that was taken as a prisoner by the Black Cap Brotherhood. To return Josef to the city of Machinarium, it is crucial to collect essential artefacts and solve difficult puzzles. Moreover, gamers are required to use their logic skills. However, Josef needs to save not only his girlfriend Berta but the head of the city. The quality of the content impresses. Developers created various interesting quizzes and a worthy plotline.

The game got many rewards in the absolute fantasy style. Furthermore, Machinarium got the reward as the best independent game with a stunning graphic design.

Machinarium top design and exclusive atmosphere

Also, a quick word about the graphics. In Machinarium, we need to take a look at a variety of graphic methods and fantastic styles used in the game. They impress gamers with its uniqueness and realism. It is a very atmospheric game with a perfect musical match and unbelievable sound effects. The plot conveys shocking reality. Developers tried their best to make the game worth its time and money. Machinarium shows us the example of the incredible quality of the game. Gamers learn how to use their logic, concentration and focus, and attentiveness to details.

Although Machinarium is one of the best quiz games, it still has its drawbacks. If you are a newbie, then you shouldn’t play this game without prior preparation in solving quizzes. Sometimes it is very difficult to pass levels of the game. You can spend a couple of hours trying to solve some quiz. But I think it is the only drawback in the game, which I managed to find:)

If you’re interested in Machinarium, then you can download it here.

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