Magic Pairs

Magic Pairs – a logic game for your brain

As soon as we have the impression that everything has already been invented, at least in the field of mobile games, developers often update these more or less classic works with completely new graphic settings.

It seems that this game is one of the world game queens; besides, its simple mechanism makes her love, and the game is intended not only for children, but also for a large group of adults. Magic Pairs is a classic form of “memory”, but in a slightly more advanced formula. One thing is certain – it will be difficult to leave.

The whole game is based on exactly the same classic mechanism. There are inverted cards on the board, each somewhere between the rest and a hidden pair. Our task is to find all the pairs and clear the playing field from the cards. But the creators made sure that we were not bored with this usual entertainment, and prepared several game modes.

Magic Pairs

During the game we are given a time countdown for each round. The sooner we guess all the pairs, the more bonuses we get. And another feature is that the game provides a board for your achievements regarding the game. Now you can watch your victories after each round!

As for the gameplay itself, the number of rounds we have is unlimited, we can always start the round from the very beginning, if we feel that we remember very little! Interesting and fun music in the game will only increase your excitement for the capture of the gameplay.

Magic Pairs – an excellent and memorable way to play.

Magic Pairs

Remember that the game perfectly affects our gray cells and supports our memory. Tournament modes cause the brain to get better and faster, so not only does this particular fun increase in efficiency. Consistent graphic design for all modes and fun sounds further stimulate all the senses and even cause pleasant relaxation. This application is a great time killer for children and adults, which, by the way, stimulates our memory and proves once again that memory takes a worthy place in the history of games.

The application is available for free only on devices with Android.

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