magic rampage

Magic Rampage – an exciting platformer

Magic Rampage is an excellent platformer that combines the benefits of action games and role-playing characteristics. The character can be customized to suit your preferences and you can give him any weapon you find in the game. Among these findings may be staffs, swords, daggers, etc. The main job of your character is to walk through the castle and mercilessly destroing skeletons, zombies and other undead. As you would expect, with each level the game becomes more difficult, there appear more enemies as well as caches. Not all NPCs in the game are hostile, there are also friendly ones with whom you can go on joint campaigns.

Magic Rampage

For those ones who likes to compete, you can participate in the network game. There you will compete with players from all over the world and fight with unique bosses in the random generated arenas. For the victory over the boss the player will receive a unique item that is not found in a normal mode of the game. In Magic Rampage there are shops where you can buy the needed staff for in-game currency. Different artifacts may affect different characteristics. For example new shoes will allow the character to move faster through the level, and the new armor will not only absorb part of the physical damage, but also provide some protection from magic.

Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage

The game has a nice 16-bit design that will please fans of classic console games of the 80s-90s. The game supports the control of the joystick, controller and physical keyboard. Let’s sum up. In Magic Rampage there are levels that can and should be passed. There are gold coins for which artifacts are bought and sold in the store. The character has a full inventory with a lot of slots.

You can download this game in GooglePlay and iTunes

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