Math Fire

Math Fire or Math Fever it’s a great test for your brain!

Do you have a free minute? Do you have nothing to do? Pump your brain with a new application on Android – Math Fire or Math Fever.

This game appeared on Google Play not so long, but it can well take a place in your devices.

Math Fire

What essence? The essence is elementary, just count.

You will have to perform an arithmetic calculation in your mind. On the game screen, the player will be offered mathematical examples on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and 4 answers from which you must choose the right one. Thinking must be fast enough, because your time will is limited.

In the left upper corner there is a cauldron that is filled with liquid, and under it ticking decreasing seconds – this is the time for thinking, the bottom is the main game time. And in the cauldron there is extra time accumulated during the game and is used after the main time runs out.

Each correct answer the player moves to the next level and at the same time the level of complexity of tasks increases. If the user answers 5 questions in a row correctly, he can jump several levels ahead. But if the player answers incorrectly, he rolls back several levels back so that you need to give more correct answers in a row, then you will not stumble on the spot.

Math Fire

To ensure that the game does not seem boring, developers have created different categories in which different types of arithmetic operations with numbers, also money and time are presented in it. There are 7 categories, each of them has an information screen in which the player will be able to learn by himself with the rules closer. All categories of different difficulty levels so that everybody can play, from the child to the mathematical genius.

In this game you can fight with your friends, if you sign up in the app, your records and records of your friends will be displayed in the rating table. What’s interesting is that if you go to the rating table in the screen, your position in the standings is shown first, so you don’t have to search your name among many other players.

I would like to note a simple, modern, not bulky design. It is made in several colors that does not distract the player into bright colors and gives the opportunity to focus on the game.

The game doesn’t take much of your time, so try it, share your impressions and your records. Pump your brain !!

You can download the game on Google Play

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